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This is my daughter's page for her rabbit and show results. She is  seven and has just become a member of the BRC and Lion Lops uk. She loves all the rabbit's but especially her own. She is just learning how to care for a show rabbit.


Rebecca's Rabbit


A Lion Lop Smoke Buck .   11 weeks old.

Bred by Christine at  Lidanhew Stud. Thankyou

Show Result's

June 2010.  Maybole Gala Pet Show  2nd best rabbit with Ariel.

August 2010. Maidens Harbour Gala Pet show.  2nd best rabbit and 4th best under 16's pet  with Ariel.

 All Lop Show Coventry 9-10th October

Lion Lops UK YSS 3* show  Simba and Rebecca

1st with CC in Smoke class

2nd in Buck Class

3rd in challenge Best in show


Midland Lop Circle 2* YSS show  Simba and Rebecca

1st with CC  AOC  non self

2nd Lion Lop Challenge

Best Junior Lion Lop

 Scottish Championships 30th October

4*  Main champ show       Rebecca and Simba

1st with 4*cc in the smoke/sable class out of 5 adult

Lion Lops uk 3* stock show

1st with 3* cc in the smoke class. adult                                                                                                           2nd adult challenge                                                                                                                                    2nd junior grand challenge

Scottish Lop Circle 2*    

2nd aoc non-self adult                   

 Dunfermline Rabbit club 2* 20th November

1st with cc in smoke/sable  adult class

2nd junior lop  challenge

Dunfermline & District Rabbit Club 2*  12/02/11

2nd  Lion Lop Smoke/sable adult class

1st Junior lop and junior diploma