Baineshill Bunnies

Dwarf and Mini Lop Breeder in Ayrshire


Rabbits require a safe ,secure place to live. It should be dry and draught free as this can cause medical problems.

Hutches are great for the outdoor rabbit. They should be at least 3ft by 2ft and upwards depending on the size of rabbit. Be careful with swivel catches as foxes can open them. I put bolts on mine to prevent this happening. They often come with under runs which give your rabbits even more space to roam. Makesure the mesh if fox proof. You can build your own or purchase from a store. Check out my links page for great value hutches.

Cages are suitable for the house rabbit. They should be deep as to prevent bedding falling out the side. The cage must not be placed next to a heater or near a draught. They should have a area where they can hide eg a platic house.


Rabbit's require a constant supply of fresh water. It is best supplied from a bottle. You can supply it in a bowl but it may get tipped over or dirty, neither good. 

Hay is the most essential part of a rabbit's diet. Fibre is required to keeIt should be provided in a rack to prevent itp the rabbit's digestive system healthy, it also helps to wear down the teeth. getting dirty. 

Pellet or mix can be fed to your rabbit.  Pellets are good as all the nutrients are in every pellet so the rabbit will eat these. Mixes can have bits left that fussy rabbits won't eat and therefore they miss out on these nutrients, however they do look more appealing to the human eye. I personally prefer pellets.

Fresh veg can be given to rabbits in moderation. There are various ones that are safe, lettuce is not safe.


Mental Health: Rabbits are social animals. They live in groups in the wild. You can keep 2 together. However it is best that they are neutered to stop fighting when they get hormonal. It is fine to keep them by themselves but in this case they will enjoy your company. 

Other essential things to keep rabbits happy are toys in the hutch and exercise in a run. Wooden chews are also useful for keeping a rabbits teeth trim.

Physical Health: Vaccinations against myximitosis and VHD are part of the yearly care. It will help protectagainst these 2 fatal diseases.

Worming: This will protect against worms and also protect against E. Cuncili which causes head tilt,fits and other serious health problems. Panacur rabbit or Lapizole is best used.