Baineshill Bunnies

Dwarf and Mini Lop Breeder in Ayrshire

Belle (from the disney movie Beauty and the Beast

  BLACK SELF DOE.           Bred by  Hotcroft Stud. 

This is my first mini doe. she was born on the 13th February. She is a lovely wee girl who loves her dandelions.She is proving to be a fantastic mother.

 Coke black self (bred by Denise Laidlow) x Ebony black self (bred by Trilogy Stud)

Check out Hotcroft Stud website for more info on parents

Ursula (from the disney movie The Little Mermaid)

Red Eyed White                        Bred by  Barrow  Bunnies.

 She had a very long journey all the way up from Hampshire. Born on the 15th February. She has a lovely chilled out nature. She loves cuddles and her food.

Romeo Seal point (bred by Mini Rabbit Ranch) x Caprice R.E.W (bred by Ruskin Stud

Romeo BOB and CC winner




Jessie (from the disney movie Toy Story 2&3)

Blue Self               Bred by Julie at Lidanhew Stud

Born on the 26th June . She is a  real sweetie who I hope will bred me some lovely blacks and blues in the future.

Ozzi Blue Butterfly (bred by Lidanhew Sud) x Lidanhew's Macey Blue self (bred by Lidanhew Stud)



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Aurora (from the disney movie sleeping beauty)

Isobella (beige)      Bred by Christine at Lidanhew stud.

She was born in October. She is a lovely wee girl full of personality.