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Willow  Nicole's Rabbit.

Black Doe Aladdin x Belle aug 10 litter.

Hi there,
She is doing great we have called her willow and she loves exploring, she is forever squeezing herself into any space possible and is constantly finding her way under the bed much to my confusion. Her favourite things are eating (including nibbling on things she isn't supposed to such as my homework lol), following peoples feet, stretching out on the bed, being brushed and playing on the grass. She is learning to use her litter tray just now and is picking up very quickly. We are very much enjoying having her in our home and she keeps us amused by doing something new everyday. We have included a few pictures of her :)




Oscar and Ottis, Suzanne and Alan's

Sooty doe from aladdin x belle aug10 and blue butterfly buck from ozzi x cinderella july 10

These 2 r getting on really well.




LEA  Christine's

Black doe from Aladdin x Belle Aug 10