Baineshill Bunnies

Dwarf and Mini Lop Breeder in Ayrshire

Babies in the nest

Any Kit is available to reserve from any age if you don'tcare about the sex. Kits will be sexed at around 4 weeks if you are looking to reserve a certain sex you will have to wait untill then. Check out the Ready to reserve page for kits ready

Starter Packages

Timothy Hay enough for 2 weeks

Feed for 1 week as the other week is provided free when purchasing rabbit.

Shavings enough for 2 weeks

A water bottle,  feed bowl,  hay ball and a how to care for your rabit book.

All this for only £20.  (times things last may vary dependant on how much each individual bunny eats and how much you use.)

Please warn me in advance if you would like this package as I need to get some some things in stock. 

Terms of Sales

Each rabbit will come with 1 week of feed.

They will also come with a care sheet ,birth cetificate and pedigree.  For the life of the rabbit advice will be provided and free nail triming if you bring them to me. 

I will ask you questions but this is just to make sure the rabbits I have bred and love will be well cared for for the restof thier life.

If reserving a rabbit a £10 non-fefundable deposit must be made. I will not take responsibility for the well being of the rabbit after leaving 24 hours after  leaving.

Kits will not leave here before 8 weeks and dependant on their growth rate may be up to 12 weeks. They will leave when I feel they are ready to give them the best start possible. 

I will not sell to anyone under the age of 16 and all under 16's must be accompined by an adult. If the rabbit is for the under 16 then the adult must take full responsibility for the rabbit.

Brc show rings will not be charged extra however you will have to pay the ownership tranfer fee to the brc.

Please bring a suitable carrier for your new rabbit.

And most of all please enjoy your rabbit

What your Rabbit Needs

  • hutch or cage
  • water bottle
  • food dish
  • pellets or mix
  • hay
  • shavings
  • hay ball or rack
  • a run
  • a carrier box or bag
  • toys  various can be bought in pet shops including balls etc
  • wood chews
  • straw for extra warmth


9 months old. Lovely friendly buck who will be great buck for anything including a super pet.  £12


1 year old doe. very well bred. Proven mum having raised 2 litters. Also a super friendly doe who would make great pet. £10


1 Year old. Great mum raising 2 litters.  make nice pet for the more experienced rabbit owner as she does not like getting picked up but once up very well behaved. £10