Baineshill Bunnies

Dwarf and Mini Lop Breeder in Ayrshire


Hi my name is Linda Thomson. I  have been  breeding and showing rabbits for just over ayear now .

Have a look around the website, I will regulary  update it with info.  I will add lots of fantastic links to help you find your perfect bunny and all the equipment.

I have a very small Stud. The rabbits are well cared for and loved. This is not in any way profit making in fact all money made and more will be put into the care of rabbits

I am a member of the British Rabbit Council, The national Minature Lop Rabbit Club and Scottish Rabbit Clubs. 

I live inMaidens,South Ayrshire. Picture of view below.

Mini Lops are the smallest of the lop breeds weighing around 3lb 4-8oz. They are very friendly, easy to handle and full of life.                                                                     

Dwarf Lops are the next size up weighing around 5lb 4oz. Again they are very friendly, a little bit more laid back and easy to handle. 

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SEND ME PICS OF RABBIT'S IN THIER NEW HOMES. I love to see them happy in new homes and to hear that you are enjoying having one of my rabbits as a lovely pet.



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